Nov 8, 2010


"Let Israel rejoice in their Maker; let the people of Zion be glad in their King." Psalm 149:2

Sometimes I sit. Or I stand. Or I talk. Or I listen. Or I gaze. Or I sing.

And the moment is--full.

I wonder if you know what I mean. I imagine you do.

There are these moments where I find time stands perfectly still, allowing me to soak in the wonders of the universe. These moments that are pure and real and good. These moments that fill my heart with life and love and depth. These moments where I feel blessed almost to the point of aching, that I might burst from God's lavishness at any moment.

Sunday, I sat on the ground and watched three girls jumping rope in the late afternoon sun. They were showing me their skills and simply having fun. I laughed and clapped and cheered. And then I just sat there. Full. And I thanked God for that moment.

Yesterday I spent the afternoon talking with two wonderful ladies who I hadn't talked with much previously. We just talked about life and ate lots of food. They are such loving women, so full of life and beauty. I was so overcome by their smiles, their words, and especially their hearts. At one point I just sat and listened and thought, "Wow. I love them so much!" I was so grateful just to be in their presence, talking with them, eating with them, praying with them. It was simple, but somehow holy.

I just came in from outside where the rain is pouring. I had been making the way from a house back to the church with several other SMs when we came upon several girls with umbrellas. I crouched down next to one girl and huddled under her umbrella, sharing with her a big smile as we proceeded to walk. I walked and talked with the girls, asking their names and where they were going. "School," was the answer. "Where are you going?" I was asked. We were passing the church, the other SMs branching off towards it. I looked at the girls and shrugged. "School." They laughed. I continued to walk with them. Sopping wet and laughing, I was so full of utter joy and freedom. I walked with them another block until they made a turn at the road. I waved a goodbye, and they reciprocated. All the way back to the church I couldn't stop smiling.

They are just moments. Life is made of billions of them, I suppose. But each one seems everlasting in a way. I thank God so much for blessing my heart, for bringing me here. Of course, as with anywhere, there is pain. Life is not perfect. There are messes here as much as America.

But somehow, goodness lingers. Life is slowed, allowing one to drink it in so much deeper. Leaving one completely and simply...full.

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  1. So good...Wow. So glad you feel so full, so content, so happy! A parent couldn't ask for any more. Love you lots.