Apr 9, 2011

Where Did She Go...?


You may have noticed that it's been over two months since my last post. There are a couple reasons for that.

1. I have had an adequately jam-packed schedule since February. In the last several weeks, I've frequently marveled how on earth I managed to take the laid back, easy going, slow lifestyle of the Philippines and turned it into a life almost as busy as college. But somehow I managed it. Thusly, hardly any time to write.

2. Perhaps a slightly more inhibiting obstacle is that I no longer have a computer. On February 15, my laptop was stolen. It seems like so long ago now. It's a longish story, one I don't feel like writing this moment, but suffice it to say that I don't quite have the freedom of computer use as I once enjoyed. (Though my fellow SMs have been extremely gracious to me in lending me their own laptops when I need to use one.)

But despite lost laptops and an unusual excess of busyness, life is still grand! Though I've been exhausted, I've found that the things I fill my day with fit me so wonderfully. I absolutely love preparing and giving Bible studies and sermons, visiting and praying with people, and just taking care day to day chores. They're simple things, really. And although they can be time consuming, I don't know what else I would prefer to do with my time.

This will most likely be my last post from the Philippines. I just wanted to let anyone who happens to take an interest in my blog know why I haven't been writing. When I get back to America, I hope to elaborate a bit more on what's been happening during this last part of my time here.

When I get back to America...that's three weeks from today. It keeps hitting me in waves, everyday. Yesterday we were on an AY retreat in Adams. It was sort of our last hurrah all together, since Kim is leaving next week. We closed out the weekend praying together, and it was definitely bitter-sweet.

For now, just know that I've been happy and honored to be here. I am going to miss this place

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